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Want to start a podcast but don’t know where to start?

Join us for 3 Days in January of 2024 LIVE on Zoom

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In this 3 day START YOUR DAMN PODCAST COURSE, we will walk you through our 30 day Launch Roadmap, which covers everything from brainstorming your initial idea to launching your show!

Let us take the STRESS and OVERWHELM 

OUT of starting a podcast.

Join us for this Fun and Interactive 3 day live Course!

Meet The Co-Founders of Media Un-Scripted!


Jessica Burgio, Host of Unscripted the Podcast and CMO of Media Un-Scripted and Mirjana Lalic a Digital Marketing Strategist and COO of Media Un-Scripted, launched Media Un-Scripted; A full service Podcast Management Agency, to help Entrepreneurs Connect their Voice to their Brand.
We saw the power in Podcasting and what it can do for you when building a personal brand, but we also understand how stressful and overwhelming it can feel one start one alone. 

This is why we've created this 3 Day LIVE Course to walk you through launching your Podcast in less than 30 Days!

We are here together to walk you through the process and help you build your brand, expand your reach and bring your message out into the world!

Let's Do This Together!

Don’t let another year go by not starting your podcast.

I'm In!

Jess Burgio

"Don't wait like I did. It took me over 2 years to start my podcast while my Mic waited for me on my shelf because I let fear get in my way. My Podcast has now hit over 57K downloads. Had I started sooner, I could have already been over 100k."

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For this 3 Day Live Course to Launch Your Podcast within 30 Days!

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